Apadrina: sponsor the treatment of a child in Sierra Leone

Apadrina is a program intended to ensure that no child is left untreated or is not hospitalized in the St John of God Hospital in Lunsar (Sierra Leone) for reasons of lack of economic means and to encourage families go to the hospital to treat their child as soon as the first symptoms of illness appear.

- We work for the health of the children in Sierra Leone.


- No child without health care because of lack of money.


- By donating 20 € per year (the average cost of a hospitalization) you can contribute to our program and sponsor the treatment of a child.

Apadrina's blog

Apadrina creates a blog where you can find news of the children (pikins) of Sierra Leone.



Why Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the World, with the lowest United Nations’ Human Development Index  (2007/2008 UN Human Development Report).


Multiple political and social problems are the consequence of a recent civil war of 10 years of duration and continue to hinder its development.


Health resources available are scarce, both with respect to medical equipment and professionals (0.03 doctors per 1000 inhabitants).


Sierra Leone’s under-five mortality rate is the highest in the world. 1 out of 3 children die before their fifth birthday. Life expectancy is 37 years for males and 40 for females (World Health Report 2006).


The rate of diseases in childhood, such as malaria and malnutrition, is very high.


The effectiveness of treatment depends on an early beginning. In children with malaria, an early initiation of treatment can avoid death or serious complications such as cerebral malaria.



Apadrina T-shirts

samarreta apadrina
Our T-shirts, decorated with drawings by Xavier Krauel, are sold in aid of Apadrina. The price is 12 €. Get your t-shirt at the Welfare Assistance Office of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona or at any of the activities celebrated in support of Apadrina.

"A hospital in Africa", a book by the volunteers of Mabesseneh

Our book “A hospital in Africa” has been conceived as a way of raising awareness about the reality in Sierra Leone. It is a tribute to the people, specially the children, and a collection of testimonies of the numerous and different volunteers that have worked at Saint John of God Hospital in Mabesseneh in the last years. So many experiences and emotions need to be expressed and spread! The book, which combines texts and images captured by the volunteers, includes the participation of people leading solidarity projects or working for Africa, like photographer Gervasio Sanchez.

It is still work in progress, and we hope it will take shape very soon, becoming a 300 pages book. Its sales will be entirely in aid of Apadrina.

We are in search of sponsors who will finance its publishing. We encourage you to take a look at our outline and help the children in Sierra Leone!


Outline of the book "A hospital in Africa" (pdf 5MB)

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